In recent years, the Ukrainian film scene proved itself at the international level and brought audiences to film theaters across the country. World-class festival participation, “New Wave” in Ukrainian cinema, and the relevance of this medium are possible first of all because of Ukrainian directors’ unique vision. The Ukrainian film industry Renaissance is also a result of film directors’ self-dedication. Therefore, we see the significance of the Director’s role in the Ukrainian film industry’s continued development.

Every audiovisual work has creators. But it is the Director who, while using the tools of cinematic language, transforms the idea into a specific visual form. And it’s the Director who, in the process of collaboration, makes creative decisions and carries personal responsibility for the content of a piece, as well as its aesthetic and artistic integrity. The Director is the main figure on every stage of film production, from its conception to the moment of its final realization, including its release.

The purpose of the Guild is to unite directors to defend professional interests both at the state level and in the industry. It is important for us as a community that the members of the Guild adhere to the code of ethics that we are going to formulate together.

The Guild represents directors as creators of audiovisual pieces and aims to ensure protection of professional, artistic, copyright, and financial rights of the Director as a key player in the film process.

A film director is not a tool that serves any political ideology. Due to the significant influence of politics and society in cinema, the Guild takes on the responsibility of lobbying and defending interests of directors at the legislative level, in order to create a comfortable, transparent, and secure space for professional practice.