Marina Stepanska (b. Ukraine) graduated from the Karpenko-Kary Kiev National University of Film and Television in 2004. She worked at the experimental theatre “School”, where she studied methods involving nonprofessional actors. She participated in the six-month workshop Archidoc, organised for European documentarists by La Fémis film school in Paris.

“Falling” is her feature film debut. Premiered at Karlovy Vary IFF (Competition East of West), 2017.                       Youtube


  • DESATURATED. (2019, 10 min) Short visual comedy. Director, screenwrirter. Premiered at OIFF 2019.
  • FALLING. (2017, 105 min) Feature film. Ukraine. Director, screenwrirter.
  • MAN’S WORK (2015, 15 min) Short. Director, screenwriter. Co-produced Ukraine-Austria. Best Ukrainian Short at Odessa IFF (Odessa) • Prize for the best actor’s ensemble at Molodist IFF (Kyiv).
  • HOLIDAYS (2013, 31 min) Short. Screenwriter, director, editor.
  • TO HEAR (2004, 12 min) Short. Screenwriter, director.


  • 2020 Vera. Feature script.
  • 2020 When we were fifteen. (with a co-author Anna Buriachkova). Feature script.
  • 2018 Desaturated. Short. Produced in 2019 by Darya Bassel & “Digital Religion”
  • 2014 Falling. Feature script. Produced in 2017 by “Insight Media”& “Tato film”.
  • 2014 No news from Jesus. Short script.
  • 2013 Man’s work. Short. Short script. Winner of the Pitch Page by European Short Film Centre
  • 2012 Violin. short script. Produced by National Ukrainian film Studio (dir. Olesya Morgunets).
  • 2008 The Day when B. died. Short script.
  • 2007 Bride. Short script. 1st award for the best script of National film festival “Open Night”.
  • 2004 Send Off. short, (18’). 1st award for the best script of National film festival “Open Night”.