Yuliya Myronenko

Yuliya Myronenko studied Law at KROK University, Kyiv and filmmaking at Kyiv Academy of Media Arts.
While working as a commercial director and producer she directed more than 20 commercials and several short films, which were screened and awarded at film festivals. Yuliya has also written screenplays for award-winning short films directed by others. She is the award-winning writer and playwriter and a board member of the Director’s Guild of Ukraine.


  • THE IDEA (2023, drama series, director, screenwriter)
  • THE LIFE OF ANTON (2022, feature film in development, director, screenwriter). 
  • USUAL MORNING (2017, short film by Taras Kadymov, screenwriter, main role. The film was screened and awarded at numerous film festivals).
  • HE PAID (2016, social AD, short film, director, screenwriter) Winner of Svitlo International Film Festival 2016
    Winner of Social AD Contest SAIUP 2016
    Shortlist of Kakadu Awards 2017
    This social AD have got over 10 million views on social medias). 
  • MAN IN QUEUE (2016, short film, director, screenwriter).
  • YEARS AND FLOWERS (2016, short film by Pavlina Strilkovska,
    screenwriter) The film was screened and awarded at few film festivals.

  • DRAFT (2015, experimental short film, director, screenwriter) Winner of the laboratory of the festival Cyclops 2016, Kyiv.
    Winner of the festival KIT-2016 in the nomination Video poetry.
    Official Selection of the Twisted Oyster Film Festival (Chicago).